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For the first time, you can perform HR and recruitment management through an Internet based system. The system is provided as SaaS (Software as a Service), supports multiple languages, and is accessible anywhere worldwide.
Niloosoft has invested extensive efforts in developing a single, simple system that provides all of the tools necessary for high quality HR and recruitment management in small, medium sized and large organizations.

“The better the quality of your employees and the higher the level of their motivation, the greater the organizational sucsess that you will achieve. Therefore, the most important task entrusted in the hands of the organization’s executives is managing the human asset, which is the human resource.”
-Excepted from Human Organization: its Management and Value by Rensis Likert

The Hunter HRMS Enterprise Edition makes HR management simple in small and large organizations. The system manages employee information from the day he comes in as a job applicant, documents his recruitment process, interviews and tests, and displays his employment terms. It keeps track of his vacation, sick leave, training and more.

• Employee and HR management
• CV center management – automatically creates candidate cards
• Recruitment process management and accepting new employees
• Allows recruiting executives to participate in the recruitment process
• Interfaces with LinkedIn and Facebook
• “Friend referral” management + organizational career website
• HR
• Provides tools to document, update and manage HR information
• Increases control over your employees, streamlines the recruitment process, and keeps track of new and existing employees In any organization, regardless of its size or industry, where people are the main factor determining its success.

Consequently, it is important to keep track of each employee, update relevant information, and document his recruitment process and his progress within the organization. Failure to keep track of this process in an organized manner can lead to the loss of essential information, which in turn can cause misunderstandings between the employee and organization, and be detrimental to appropriate management and to full supervision over each employee.
In order to prevent this from occurring, and save the personnel and time required to keep track of each employee, Niloosoft has developed the Hunter HRMS Enterprise Edition: one simple, easy to operate system that provides you with all of the tools you need for HR and employee management.
Join the hundreds of Hunter HRMS users, and benefit from Niloosoft’s advanced technologies.

Human resources are the organization’s most important asset. Manage this asset with the most advanced tools available, and you will achieve a growing, flourishing organization that attains its goals!

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