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Etti Reichenshtein, recruitment manager of Retalix, joined the company after the system had been implemented.
However, the company had yet to utilize the system's entire potential. There was a need to invest time in changing work processes and methodologies and work on the system's implementation as part of the overall infrastructure.
As the system contains a module for recruitment managers, it has contributed to a conceptual change in the company where the manager is now involved as a responsible participant in the recruitment process, beginning as early as the CV filtering stage. The system has amazing capabilities in locating candidates and reducing the time and costs consumed by recruitment. These are the three important indexes.
Formerly another system was used. It was not a tool that permitted manager involvement in the recruitment process. There was a lot of manual work, e-mails, use of different recruitment websites, placement agencies, "one member brings another" and internal transfers.
Now anything that has to do with cross sections, hunting, managing information and the recruitment process has changed, and it is now possible to see the history of every candidate and the progress that has been made.
Prior to working with Niloosoft, a number of systems were examined, comprehensive tests were carried out, and in the end Retalix decided to go with Niloosoft.
The decision was made mainly based on the advantages and outstanding capabilities in filtering CVs along with the system's advanced automatic tools. For the most part there were only minor adjustments to be made, because the system fit our company's organizational structure. The recruitment documentation process was a good fit right from the beginning, although processes and statuses of candidates can always be changed or added.
As far as the previously mentioned recruitment indexes are concerned (locating high quality candidates and saving on the time and costs consumed by recruitment) there was a complete turnaround. The system helped us locate and sort CVs to such a degree that we could now locate candidates by ourselves. The system was instrumental in significantly reducing the use of placement agencies.
Managers' cooperation is important - they are part of the filtering process. The manager now turns into a full-fledged participant in the recruitment process, allowing transparency as to the process's progress such as knowing which candidates have arrived for an interview.
Correctly building the applicant base allows one to locate, advertise for and filter high quality CVs according to the organization's needs. The system permits dynamic management of the applicant base and is geared not only for using active candidates applying for a position, but also passive candidates that already exist in the system. This is the way to get the most out of your applicant base.
Another feature is that the system is connected to a recruitment website. This leads to transparency and visibility as to the vacancies in the organization and assists in accepting candidates from an external website. The connection to a website permits the computerized management of this recruitment channel without the need for e-mails to recruit each candidate.
Concurrently, the "one member brings another" approach has significantly increased through the use of our internal website.
Implementing the system in the organization has shortened the length of the process, saving time for the recruiter, has led to transparency for managers, and has saved the time consumed in examining a returning candidate and locating new one. Every placement of a development person costs a lot of money and so this is the system's ROI based on its capability to be so efficient concerning candidates.
Thanks to the system, you can say a "placement agency" has been created within the organization, one that really understands the organization's needs.
Actually, in terms of savings, the cost per hire has been reduced. The rate of use of placement agencies has also gone down, and in hi-tech, this means a lot of money.
Finally, the system's ROI has certainly proven itself.

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