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Written by: Jenny Goldman, customer service manager, Niloosoft
This article was written with the generous help of Ayelet Varshbiak, CEO and owner of Kolega.

Kolega is a unique kind of company specializing in human resources management, recruitment, placement and career management - not too big or too small.
They’re not too big, because they feel it is important to provide personal, sensitive, attentive service by the finest professionals, the best in their field in Israel. And they’re not too small, because they know their customers can benefit from the qualities and methods of a big, capable company, with sufficient technical infrastructures and online databases to effectively follow market trends and analyze current information. The company is headed by Ayelet Varshbiak, whose career has consisted of several decades in the field of human resources, its peak being her current position of CEO for one of the leading human resources companies in Israel.
Over the last 20 years she has been of those steering the employment market in Israel.
At the base of her beliefs is her love for people, whoever they may be - people looking for a challenge in their career, and the people who recruit them into their company. Those people are the same colleagues she enjoys connecting with to create value in their professional and private lives alike.
The world of recruitment and placement knows Ayelet Varshbiak and Kolega well, and new customers are joining in every day. "Today I take my knowledge and experience in interviewing and screening employees and teach my customers to do it better", says Ayelet.
"I opened Kolega College as a complementary business to Kolega for the benefit of organizations who are interested in better recruitment. This way I can assist them by recruitment and placement services and also through courses. In any case, I am fulfilling my destiny by helping organizations recruit more correctly.
"These are difficult times for recruiting talents and actually for the entire economy. In order to recruit good people, effective and high quality tools are necessary. This begins with the ability to recruit fast at a high standard, including the system that supports this", she adds.
Varshbiak founded Kolega HR with the intent of creating something completely new in the field of recruitment - a placement company whose employees chose the world of placement as a profession. In a company like this, a software package was necessary in order to assist it in implementing her new ideas and provide innovative service for its customers.
Varshbiak: "Without adequate technology I would not have been able to fulfill my vision and create a different kind of placement company.
"And so, without hesitation, I chose Niloosoft to help me find the right people for my customers, store the information in our database, and treat my applicants and customers as colleagues. The entire program is based on one of my business ideas. The software is a strategic tool in the hands of our organization, and as such, needs to accomplish the strategic vision of our company. The Hunter has definitely helped me fulfill my business and personal destiny.
"On the way to making the decision, Kolega tested some of the recent innovations in the field. When testing was completed, we chose Niloosoft as the most suitable software.
"I have been working in the placement industry for 20 years. I place and recruit candidates, and I am familiar with every system that is out there and the way they have evolved. After a comprehensive examination, I chose Niloosoft as my recruitment software", says Ayelet.
So far, no special personalization has been carried out for Kolega – there was no need for it.
Varshbiak: "As of now, our company benefits from other Niloosoft customers who contribute to the system’s upgrade with various ideas, designs and revisions, and soon I will also do my part. I am currently occupied with developing and broadening my business. I opened Kolega College and I continue to stabilize Kolega Recruitment and Placement, so I am less available to be involved in upgrades. Overall, the system provides me with a solution just the way it is, and there hasn't been a need for any special development - it has suited for my needs from the start. I also adapt my use of the system to my needs because I am proficient in the field.”
Ayelet has worked with recruitment systems for a number of years and is familiar with them. The consultants at Kolega agree, and as an exclusive company providing added value to its customers, the Hunter is a recruitment system that allows it to find the best candidates. The Hunter system provides high quality, fast hunting.
According to Ayelet, in times when recruiting is more difficult and less candidates are being actually recruited, that’s when the best people need to be recruited, and the system is very helpful in this situation – in fact, it is impossible to work without it. Companies that do not invest in a good system find it hard to locate good candidates and will be less effective - they will pay the price in the future.
And what are Ayelet’s future plans for the system? "I really want to create an interface between placement companies and organizations. The use of this system can help placement companies and organizations speak the same language, which will shorten processes and make them more effective. As far as I am concerned - this is my vision coming true. This is recruitment technology for the benefit of professionalism. This way the organization will surely recruit more and do it better".

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