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Cellcom Israel Ltd. was founded in 1994 and is the largest communication company in the country. It has the most extensive customer service lineup,  including service call centers, sales outlets and service centers.
Cellcom's recruitment department is responsible for all of the organization's recruitment and personnel promotion activities including administrative positions and service and sales staff. It covers the recruitment needs of Cellcom, Netvision and Dynamica and adapts itself to these companies' specific requirements.
Formerly, our recruitment activities consisted of manually entering thousands of CV's every month (typing the candidate's personal information, "planting" his CV inside our computerized system, and matching the candidate to a position that suits their qualifications). This work required extensive resources and we had to invest long hours in manually typing CV's into our system, even before the candidate was contacted and their qualifications checked.
In June 2013 we decided to look into several recruitment systems.
The decision stemmed from the need to streamline work processes, reduce the amount of time spent typing, and better utilize our resources so as to focus on the candidate himself rather than administration.
Accordingly, we decided to look for an advanced recruitment system with an automatic CV filing and analysis mechanism. The most important concept was to have an advanced, innovative technological environment, and therefore a lot of weight was placed on an Internet based cloud platform.
After meeting and piloting some of the best programs, we selected the Hunter EDGE by Niloosoft and in January 2014 began working with the system.
The Hunter is highly intuitive and user friendly, which made the transition much easier. The automatic CV filing mechanism is excellent, and the automatic hunter scans each CV and finds precise maches to the key words we input.
Connecting to the system does not require installation of any software and is available from any computer – any time, anywhere.
Right from the beginning, a professional, dedicated customer manager was assigned to us. He studied our needs and unique work procedures and has supported us since then through every implementation step and every development, until the product answered all our requirements .
Many steps have been taken and are still being taken in order to customize the system to our special needs. An excellent example is the development of a new mass recruitment module especially for us. This module covers evaluation centers and courses and documents every step of the candidate's recruitment process.
Another development is the "complement report" which allows us to be informed in real time of the number of current vacancies in our company, find out how many positions were manned each month, and be provided with an SLA measurement for closing an internal / external position.
Niloosoft is a true business partner, and thanks to their recruitment system we are definitely attaining our objectives.
Nirit Toledano │Project Director │ Recruitment Department │Cellcom Group

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